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Friends and Family

What is a family? Sometimes your family includes friends who stand by you in every season of life. The heart of your family might also be your marriage, or the meaning and purpose you derive from parenting, caregiving, or even loving the pets who never let you down.

Owen Maerks, owner of the East Bay Vivarium, and friend

Beautiful Photos of Exotic Animals

Owen Maercks, owner of the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley, California, cares for these unique creatures—and he loves it.

The sisterhood of military moms.

The Sisterhood of Military Moms

A heartfelt salute to a community of moms who support one another through thick and thin.

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Reach out to others when you're under stress.

Don’t Face Stress Alone

When life becomes overwhelming, it’s important to reach out to others.

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Shelby Spear and her two kids sharing a moment.

The Inspiring Tattoo Connection

Body art taught her to trust her kids—and God—in a whole new way.

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Making friends at any age

How to Make Friends at Any Age

Friends are important to our wellbeing. And if you're creative and open, new ones will always come your way.

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A trio of older women smiling together.

5 Ways to Handle Change Smoothly

Change comes no matter what your age —here’s how to set up the right supports and expectations to navigate change with grace and peace.

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Facing fear at the beach

Facing Fear to Find Calm Waters

A day at the beach reminds a military mom how she found peace after her son was deployed.

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Lucky Dog host Brandon McMillan and a canine friend

Brandon McMillan Trains Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans

Dog trainer Brandon McMillan, host of CBS-TV's Lucky Dog, on growing up in a circus, finding his calling, and why he trains dogs to help veterans

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Roberta Messner

Experience Has Taught This Nurse to Trust Her Intuition

A highly trained nurse reveals one of the secrets to her success: Trusting her instincts.

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A mother bears sadness as she cares for her daughter.

When It’s Okay to Be Sad

A mother willingly bears sadness as she cares for her daughter.

When shaving a head becomes about faith

When Bald Becomes Beautiful for a Youth Pastor

Church campers come together to deliver a full house, and a youth pastor delivers on his promise.

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Watch Mickey Mouse Tell These Two Kids They've Been Adopted

Watch Mickey Mouse Tell These Two Kids They've Been Adopted

Disney helped this family tell their foster children that they had officially been adopted and the moment is heartwarming. 

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6 Ways a Military Mom Moved On

6 Ways a Military Mom Moved On

A military mom learns that she can’t control everything in life after her son enlists.

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10 ways to help the sandwich generation

10 Ways to Bless the Sandwich Generation

Parents are often playing the role of caregivers to older family members as well. Here’s how you can help.

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