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Stories of Faith

Your spiritual life is an ever-unfolding story of faith. When you read others' stories of faith, you encounter your own journey in a fresh way. Embrace stories about faith and welcome deeper spiritual connections into your life.

Actor Beau Bridges

Guideposts Classics: Beau Bridges on the Mystery of Faith

In this story from August 1982, actor Beau Bridges shares the experience that helped him understand that God played a role in his life.

Treasures at a museum

An Afternoon Spent with Ancient Treasure

A museum full of wonders links generations past and present.

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Dottie Pratchard

The Prayer That Rescued Her from the Rapids

Dottie Pratchard recalls a harrowing close call she experienced while rafting down the South Fork of the American River and the prayer that changed everything for her.

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A mother's hands illuminated by a divine light.

A Mother's Amazing Answered Prayer

She asked God over and over for one specific thing... to be with her ailing son.

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The Rev. Dr. Billy Graham

Billy Graham: An Inspiring Life in Photographs

Rev. Billy Graham has preached before a total of nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries. Browse our collection of photos of highlights from his life, career and ministry.

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Nathan Sheets, Nature Nates, CEO

The Faith Behind Nature Nate's Raw & Unfiltered Honey

Nature Nate's CEO Nathan Sheets shares how faith fuels his mission to be more than just a honey company

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Actress Ann-Margret

Guideposts Classics: Ann-Margret on Placing Her Trust in God

In this story from September 2005, actress Ann-Margret shares how an accident she suffered onstage taught her to have faith that He was watching over her.

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Heather Morehouse with one of her patients

Mercy Ships: Her Voyage of Healing

When a small-town nurse volunteers to help treat impoverished people in developing nations, she comes to understand that God heals suffering in a variety of ways.

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A young girl with angel wings plays with a doll in her bedroom

A Guardian Angel Arrives in Answer to a Mother's Prayer

The mother of a young girl facing surgery prays for her daughter's fears to be comforted. The answer she receives is one she could never have expected.

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Artist Jessie DeCorsey works on her inspiring creation, The Nativity

A Minnesota Artist's Contemporary Depiction of the Nativity

Artist Jessie DeCorsey spent eight weeks painting a modern interpretation of the Nativity, and she did so in a public setting: a church in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

Kristin Chenoweth with her new pup, Thunder

Kristin Chenoweth Makes a Leap of Faith in Adopting a Rescue Dog

With a solid foundation of faith and family, actress-singer Kristin Chenoweth lives by a motto she learned from her mother: "You never know, honey."

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The freedom of Passover.

The Uplifting Freedom of Passover

A journey to freedom is a metaphor that can inspire followers of all faiths. 

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A warm welcome at the American Bible Society

Finding God’s Grace at the American Bible Society

A warm welcome and celebration of the Peale legacy at the new headquarters in Philadelphia

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Feather illuminated by light as it falls from the sky

Guideposts Classics: God's Secret Agents

In this story from March 1976, renowned evangelist Billy Graham tells us why we need angels in our lives.

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