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People Helping People

Giving to others is such an important expression of faith. As we give to others, we better understand the necessity of community and our call to “Love one another as ourselves."

An artist's rendering of a trio of first-responders enjoying a potluck meal

Someone Cares: Thank-You Tuesdays

Congregants at a Texas church show their thanks to their community's first-responders with some homemade hospitality.

An artist's rendering of a woman holding up a bag full of recycling

Someone Cares: Earth Friendly

A woman's childhood habit of collecting empty bottles for the deposit money evolves into a way to help to keep her local parks clean.

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Helping a stranger get to the grocery store has a divine aspect.

Would You Help a Stranger?

Helping a disabled stranger get to the supermarket has a whiff of the divine.

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Lucky Dog host Brandon McMillan and a canine friend

Brandon McMillan Trains Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans

Dog trainer Brandon McMillan, host of CBS-TV's Lucky Dog, on growing up in a circus, finding his calling, and why he trains dogs to help veterans

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Bill Marinelli feels most at home making music on a piano

How Could This Homeless Veteran Get Back on Track?

His love for music sustained him in hard times. Volunteers of America helped him in ways he couldn't have imagined.

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Farmer Michael Hayden stands proudly on the grounds of Folklore Farm in Cherryfield, Maine

He Shares His Love of Farming—and His Crops—with Local Schoolchildren

A Maine farmer shares his love of the land—and the food that comes from it—with local schoolchildren.

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A nurse stands, smiling, as her colleagues look on

Of Healing and Miracles: When Nurses Make a Difference

The role of nurses in seeing us through health crises is can't be overstated. These dedicated health professionals are there when we need them most.

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Beverly T. Gooden

This Domestic Violence Survivor Created 'Bolt Bag' to Help Others

Social activist and domestic violence survivor Beverly T. Gooden hopes her Bolt Bag will make it easier for victims to leave abusive situations.

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This Nonprofit Recycles Crayons for a Good Cause

This Nonprofit Recycles Crayons for a Good Cause

Bryan Ware started The Crayon Initiative in order to help children battling terrible illness find colorful ways to heal. 

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An artist's rendering of two lawn chairs with a sign between them urging folks to stop and chat

Someone Cares: Stop and Chat

A small-town resident noticed her friends and neighbors were too often distracted by their smartphones. Her solution was simple but very effective.

John and his wife, Trish, are closer than ever today

Talking About His Depression Helped His Family and Others

He tried to end his life because depression left him feeling he had nothing to live for. Having miraculously survived, he soon found out just how wrong he had been.

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An artist's rendering of a three women on a couch, one reading aloud to the other two

Someone Cares: Story Time

The life of a senior woman who is losing her sight is brightened by the generosity of a friend who read the Bible to her.

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An artist's rendering of a trio of formal gowns--one red, one white and one blue

Someone Cares: Deploy Your Dress

A group of women arrange for civilians to donate their formal wear so that more military couples can attend dress balls.

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Christine Rowsey

How Could She Make Her Dream to Become a Nurse Come True?

In the midst of changing career paths, Christine Rowsey lost her job and her car. Would she also have to sacrifice her dream of doing something that mattered?

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